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tropnevad's Journal

Jack Davenport
1 March
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I am completely_unknown. Go away. (Or see here for more details)

Not you, Will. The spare key is underneath
the garden gnome (yes I put a garden gnome
there strictly for the purpose of hiding a key).


p.s. I bought more cookie dough today.

(For the rpg a_list_celebs. Not real. Please read the disclaimer on their user info page.)
absinthe, anti-cheekbones, anti-monkey men, coffee, corset, couch, deep yawning chasms, doom, dostoyevsky, existentialism, exit mundi, floof, funny men, gorilla, hair care, hate relationships, home decor, intolerance for stupidity, living with will, misery, moments of quiet introspection, people named fyodor, pepsi not coke, personal hygiene, pi, pie, pie not cake, pirate murder, restraint, rock, shillelagh, skunks, sleep, solitude, soup, strindberg with helium, tallness, upstaging johnny depp, will ferrell